These works are from an installation called “Strange Labor” in which I considered the valuation of the female body within the American capitalist system, particularly how female bodies can move in and out of commodity and value states. While researching this project I discovered a strange congruence between the monthly female cycle and certain stock market cycles. The charting of the female cycle, know as BBT charting, involves taking your temperature every morning to determine when you ovulate, in order to maximize or avoid reproduction. Your temperature rises after ovulation, and, if a pregnancy occurs, keeps rising, like a profitable stock. 

I charted my own cycle for 7 months. My Feb 2015 chart was rendered in vinyl on a table top for this installation. My charts often resembled a classic 28 day stock pattern known as “Three Peaks and a Domed House.”  One of my most interesting discoveries was how closely the stock chart for a “bubble”  - which in financial terms refers to the divergence of market price from intrinsic value, resulting in a “crash”  - resembles the chart for miscarriage. The language of this financial graph - enthusiasm, denial, despair - is curiously evocative.  The upward slope of great expectation and the downward plunge of loss is part of both capitalist and fertility vernacular.