for a Strict Division of Labor
by the Represtatives of 114 Conselyea Street
Brooklyn, New York, September 2014

When in the course of human events it becomes both desirable and necessary to cohabitant, the issue of household duties and expectations looms heavy, threatening the very foundation of a happy union. With the intention of preventing all manner of scorekeeping or micromanaging that might arise fro well-meaning but ill-fated efforts to share every domestic task equally, the two parties in question propose a division of labor based on skill, preference and prior experience, in an effort to assign to each party tasks that suit their temperament and strengths. Upon the official commencement of this division of labor, the party not assigned the task in question forfeits any right to critique or manage the execution of said task.
Tasks to be compete by Sara Shaoul
grocery shopping
food preparation
computer and internet management and research
bureaucratic interface (bills,insurance, etc.)
communication with landlady
Tasks to be completed by Matthew Logsdon
repairs and installations
Zip-car rental and driving for household
dropping off and picking up laundry
shoveling snow for landlady

It is the fervent hope of both parties that this concise division of labor will be the keystone of a harmonious home devoid of pent-up frustration and passive-agressive behaviors. And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the power of meticulous definition and mutual approval to neutralize any and all subconscious and gendered expectations, we mutually pledge to each other our good intentions, high standards, and our sacred honor. 

Sara Shaoul
Matt Logsdon