Large Sculptures: Mr. Dubuffet, Mr. Noguchi, Mr. Shaoul, Charlotte and Douglas, Video: Mr. Shaoul.  Chase Manhattan Plaza, Protester, Sara, Cyrus and Python, Video: Erin Mahoney.

Back View

Wall drawings: Southeast Asia Expats I and II, Shaoul Family Hierarchy, Breakup Letter, Birthday cake

Plexiglass Boxes: Chase Manhattan Plaza: Origins I-V

Chase Manhattan Origins I

Shaoul Family Hierarhy


In order to explore the complex intersection of my personal narrative about Chase and the current financial crisis, I drew on archival photographs of Chase Manhattan Plaza from the 60's, family photographs, and current news images. The "cutout" tableaux were designed and built so that the viewer could walk through them (the floor pieces are made of vinyl). Video screening areas were embedded behind the two largest sculptures. The sculptures were placed so that different vantage points provided different overlapping views of the images. A series of four object-drawings on the wall provided another layer of information, as did the series of smaller sculptures which lined the wall on mirrored aluminum shelves that echoed the building materials of Chase Plaza's skyscraper. A text was available to viewers at the beginning of the installation. 

Paper,cardboard, gatorboard, mdf, tablets and headphones, aluminum angle and mirrored plexiglass, graphite on paper

Breakup Letter, 

Dear Chase,

I can't believe it's come to this, I mean, I go to your Plaza and I am not even allowed in. I call your archive and they're like "We don't let OUTSIDERS in!" Oh really? You've got a pretty short fucking memory Chase! Because when my Dad was working for you, it was all nice nice nice and "Come on over," and "Here's your new assignment! And we'll give you a checkup & a bunch of shots and off you go! See you next year!" And by the way,  I spent my whole fucking life careful not to shame you! I got good grades! I NEVER got in trouble at school! I had fear in my heart!  Remember those kids who got caught smoking pot and their whole family had to leave the country within 48 hours? Can you imagine? And the father lost his job? I would never, ever have embarrassed you that way. Never. And now YOU embarrass ME! Do you know how people look at me when I say that my Dad worked for Chase? Like I'm a really bad person, like I'm the enemy. Or like they are really sorry for me. Thanks so much!! Its so awesome to be shamed by your very existence!! And you know what's sad? I don't even really know if you were always this bad and I was just a stupid kid who didn't know any better or if you're worse now. Either way it makes me sick that you fed & clothed me and organized my whole life and I believed in you because I didn't know any different and now i'm supposed to take all these feelings I had and throw them in the garbage and pretend like nothing happened between us and you know I can't, because I'm not built like that and I can't help it that when I see a Chase bank I feel a little comforted. I can't help it! You were there my whole life and I relied on you and I was proud to say your name, I was a part of you and you were supposed to take care of me. Now I can see that it was all an act an you just used me.


Mr. Shaoul (father)

Erin Mahoney (friend, union organizer, activist)